Flexible films

We supply its customers with flexible films in the form of flexible laminates used as top films which make it possible to properly and tightly enclose products.

Flexible films, including skin films, are most often used as outside protection of packagings, mostly for food products.  We make a wide range of outside films: printed and laminated using various types of polymers, which give them specific properties, including high barrier characteristics.

Examples of flexible film types:

  • Monofilms, two- and three-layer laminates;
  • Monofilms with labels - transparent, opaque, with color prints intended, among other purposes, for food contact and for packaging chemicals;
  • Skin films - perfectly fitting the shape of the packaged products. The cost of product packaging may be reduced due to their use. Skin films are resistant to mechanical damage and their high transparency enables better exposition of the packaged products.
  • Two-layer laminate - Duplex;
  • Three-layer laminate - Triplex;
  • Laminates of good barrier characteristics for packaging fresh food products;
  • BO-PET // PE-HB with/without PEEL or AF - used on a large scale in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, electrotechnical, and electronic industries. It can be processed: glued, metalized, and laminated;
  • BO-PP // PE-HB with/without PEEL with AF - film weldable on two sides that can be laminated and printed. It can be used as an separate packaging material or combined with other laminates;
  • PA // PE - barrier films for vacuum packaging of food products;